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At Neuro-Test, Inc., we believe that knowledge about chemicals gives you the power to make vital day-to-day choices. We inform you on these choices so you can avoid losses of function, irritation, or premature aging.

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Learn about the dangerous chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis and how they affect the human brain. We use studies to research the common hazardous chemicals in our lives.

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Dr. Kilburn has published several books about chemicals and how they are affecting our world. Read Brain Robber and Avoiding Human Extinction to learn more about Dr. Kilburn's insights on chemical exposure.

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Read Dr. Kilburn's message to know why he founded his clinic, and why he strives to help people who suffer from chemical exposure. His goal is to educate and treat illnesses caused by chemicals.

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Neuro-Test, Inc., founded by Dr. Kaye H. Kilburn in 1987, is a toxicology clinic that specializes in educating and treating people with chemical disorders. Based in Pasadena, California, we are focused on the mental health of individuals who think they are impaired due to chemical exposure. The doctors on our team offer treatments and publish books about chemicals and their effects on the human brain.

All of this starts by recognizing that we are all members of a chemical society. Our culture is steeped in slogans such as DuPont's® famous slogan: "Better Things for Better Living...Through Chemistry."  For decades now, we have been inviting toxic chemicals into every intimate aspect of our lives under false pretenses which is taking an alarming toll on our health and environment.

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